Japan’s First Vehicle History Reports Service

CAR VX Report

Free vehicle search
Basic vehicle information
  • Make
  • Model
  • Grade
  • Engine
  • Transmission
Summary on the vehicle history
  • Registration status
  • Accident/repair check
  • Odometer check
  • Manufacturer recall check
  • Safety grade
  • Radiation contamination risk check
Current average market price for the car in japan with the similar specifications
Accident/repair history details
  • Collision
  • Malfunction
  • Theft
  • Fire/water/hail damage
With the information on the date & the source
All the known entries of the odometer checks in the chronological order to reveal the possible tampering
Check if the car was used in the contaminated areas or has a commercial use history
Detailed chronological history of the vehicle in japan since its manufacture till its export
Detailed information on the recalls announced by the manufacturer regarding this vehicle
The vehicle’s safety assessment based on the crash tests performed by the National agency for Automotive Safety & Victims' Aid (NASVA)
The most detailed info on the catalog specs of the vehicle (up to more than 50 parameters)
The actual auction sheets & the photos from the auctions (*if the car has auction history)